As of September first, my rates are $0.0075/word (USD). This is a single rate, regardless of how many rounds we do. (please see “The Process” for details on each round, but the minimum number of rounds is 2, the maximum is 5, the average is 3.)

I prefer to take books on Mondays to return to authors on Friday of the following week. (please note, this is a change in 2024; previously I would turn around the same Friday. If you need same-Friday delivery, it is entirely possible, simply let me know at the time of booking, otherwise, I will be assuming a 10-day work period.)

If you need an even faster turnaround, my rate is $0.009/word (USD) and the timeline is 24 hours for Round One, 3 workdays for Round Two, and 3 workdays for Round Three.
Intake for these is any weekday.
(Please note, I can only book two of these per month.)

As of 2024, I am also not working on weekends. Emails received on weekends will be answered on Monday.